Monday, June 29, 2009


Its Saturday June 27th, 620 am and Im having awesome thoughts and awesome vibes, still coming down from a most epic roll. Im in the back of a Golden Cherokee on the way back to Tyler, Texas and everything Im writing now I wrote in my head on that long 3 hour drive from Sulfer Springs. Let me tell you how I got myself into all this,

"Yesterday was a late day 10 am on the road. I spent two nights in Tyler and I wasn't planning on it at all. At Ryans, I didnt want to wake up early. I was dreading the upcoming day; 23 miles to Frankston and 22 to Palestine. I was completely worried about how the heat would affect me especially because of the very late start. I was expecting a completely miserable day, burning heat and shitty roads. But even as soon as I started the day was getting better and better. A slight head wind acted more like a cooling mechanism than a hinderance. The heat was taking minimal tolls on me. The roads were ideal, smooth giant shoulders and nice rolling hills. I was making serious progress and expected to get to Frankston at about 130. About three or four miles from Frankston the car Im in right now, pulls up. When it realizes that Im too far back, it busts a hard u-turn and pulls up to where Im at. I was pleasently surprised, 2 beautiful young women asking me to hop on. They were heading my way. But first they asked to take me on an adventure in the woods. In the spirit of going with the flow I went along and was curious to know what was coming next. We adventured and they invited me out to a rave that night. I was down. But something so weird happened on the way to her house.

I saw dog food and asked the driver, Kristin, if she had a dog. She was telling me all about this little puppy and was so excited for me to meet him. In the middle of our conversation her phone rings and as Im looking through some pictures of Amy's dog I hear "He's dead!?" and then Kristin tossing her phone and tearing. Bentley was dead.

What the fuck I thought, what kind of shit did I get myself into. The next 10 minutes passed like an eternity. She was coming to assumptions and I asked her not to assume until she could find out what really happened. We pulled up her driveway and there he was. Inside two white trashbags, laying there, flies hovering over and blood on the driveway. He had been run over by her roommates boyfriend, as he was backing up and snapped the poor dog's neck. Poor Kristen was sobbing and I didn't know what to do. I tried to put myself in her situation and remmbered how worried I was when Goose ran away a couple of times. She cried inside and I sat by the lifeless body. I said my prayers and ended up burying a dog that day. Digging the hole, laying the body and resurrecting the tombstone. I was so confused after. This was my destiny though and I made a choice and there was reason I made that choice. I had to keep going until I found that purpose.

Why did I get kicked out of the Peace Corps when I did over something so damn dummmmbb? And all the events that culminated after led to this trip where I was in search of a missing something. I saw purpose in me being here. There was a reason I had such a hard day before getting here. There was a reason Ryans' roomate wasn't there although he was supposed to and I ended up staying two nights even though I didnt plan on it. There was a reason I left at 10 am that day and not my usual 6am. There was a reason Kristin and Amy were passing by me when they did and there was a reason her dog died today. All these thoughts I couldn't escape. At first I was worried, worried that I was getting sidetracked on my trip, I was being distracted by two girls on an adventure. I was losing my purpose of this trip. But like a true adventurer I wanted to go with the flow and see where it would take me."

We headed to Sulfer Springs later that night and what a spiritual night it was for me. Just amazing all around and epic in every single moment. I will never forget the sights, sounds and feelings I had on the night of June 26th 2009. They say that the best adventures are best kept untold and so I shall leave it at that. Amy was taking pictures that whole day, but for some reason she lost her camera even though she planned so strongly to bring it that night. I dont see coincidence, I see purpose. Like the perfect adventure this was, the images from most perfectest adventures are only embedded in the minds of those who lived it. There was a reason her dog died in the beginning of my day with them and by the end of the day I found new life in myself. I found what I was looking for!! That missing something. That peace! I really found it. I had been asking God for a sign like this all along and for me it couldn't be clearer. I know the purpose of this trip now, it is to better myself. That is the way to aquire peace; to enlighten oneself.

I felt so much love that night, from complete strangers and it was so mutual. Picked up on the side of the road and now a connection like this. Wow I am so extremly ecstatic, so overwhelmed. Now I get to spend this week back where I never even wanted to be, with beautiful hearts, even though they may not know it yet. Last night was the beginning of someting very special for me, I believe it so strongly that I can see it. For the first time in my life I can see what I am really capable of. Nobody can deny the energy that was present last night, flowing through all of us and enlightening me so much. Not many experiences can be called life changing and even less with complete stangers but I couldn't be more satisfied with the people that have triggered something in me. Any true adventurer will go with the flow, but only the luckiest of them all have what they want come right up to them. Forever I will be indebted to my awesome, beautifully hearted and spirited new found friends, here in Tyler, Texas where I thought adventure would be so unlikely

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  1. Like I've said before, Omar, don't stop writing...this is awesome stuff...remember that people all over the world through this blog can live vicariously through your adventures. And that is one awesome privelidge for an adventurer (to be able to share) and a big responsibility. Embrace it.

    Rob Thomson