Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some promotions

I just wanted to promote some websites if you care to check them out

First, when I first Googled walking directions from Memphis to San Diego I thought I would skate instead of walk. That was the initial trigger. But I wanted to find somebody who actually did it to see how possible it was. When I came across Rob Thomson's website through a forum I was completely inspired. He has biked from Korea to Switzerland, skated from Switzerland to England, Florida to LA, across China, and New Zealand. He is the real man and gave me some good advice on my trip. Now his journey has become a Guinness World Record.

Another guy that did a skate across the US is a phenomenal longboarder named Adam Colton

My local skate surf shop in Rhode Island, they have hooked me up consistently and they are fucking awesome. Respect to Peter Pan

I was lucky enough to witness the beginnings of Egypt's first skate community. Now they have grown into a a whole shop that promotes Middle East skateboarding and sponsors tournaments.
Check them out at

I was also lucky enough to witness the humble beginnings of the URI Surf Club with about 10 members. It has grown and know they hold surf competitions at least twice a year. The president Rachel is busting her ass for it, respect to her

Good music? Hell yeah, you can see the orange sticker on my board that says 'the attic'. A local band from South Kingstown, these guys fuse funk, reggae, jam, and all kinds of good shit into some awesome music. I like to represent them everywhere I goCheck them out at

Lastly I want to promote the blogs of the Peace Corps volunteers I was with. The work they do is amazing and they live in very humble conditions. I know what they have been through and they deserve much much respect. Some of the ones are Adam Martyn, Danny V, Kimmie in Ghana, Adam in Ghana, The Adventures of Kirsten and JJ, Two years and Three months.

Thats it for now, I have another 16 miles to go. Love, peace and respect

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