Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 1 June 5th 2009: Cordova TN - S. TN Border

I want to cry, I hate myself. I think Im a dumbass but I put myself in this situation. The morning started out way too easy. Long cruises, little pushing. On Walnut Grove some guy behind me got pissed, drove next to me and screame "You are going to kill yourself!" Whatever. When I got to Holmes Rd, everything started to go downhill, except the actual hills. Long uphills, short down hills, strong headwind, no shoulder, and 18 wheelers flying by in both directions.

It was impossible to skate so I walked. About a third of
the way through I ran into a crew doing some tree work. One of them called me over and gave me a Hawaiian punch, which raised my spirits. Chris and crew, I love you. When I told him I was going to San Diego, he kept going "Daaaaayyymmnnn" and it crakced me up.

When I finished Holmes, my back was fucking destroyed. Any shoulder movement and I felt a stinging paralyzing pain. I set up camp down a little trail on 61, took a nap, cooked some spanish rice and cried myself to sleep, man I miss goose.


  1. Omar. You piece of shit. You had us worried. Try to give us a text update every couple of days to let us know and shit. I'm glad you're doing alright. Goose is miserable without you to harrass him. He doesnt know what the fuck happened. You just bailed on him suddenly.Anyways good luck on your journey to Little Rock. Your slow ass should have made it by now! Keep us posted. All you have got is us right now but I'm sure your fan base will grow. What are you doing about shower man? I know your ass smells like shit by now!

  2. aimen my man, i do smell like shit. i showered 2 days ago, and hopefully my next shower will be on thursday. how you gonna talk to me about being slow fool? you are slothest human being on the planet

  3. Keep it up Omar! I'm hear at work cooped up in a cube while you're out in the open. I'm sort of jealous. I know my ass won't last a day out there though. I would have bailed on the first day. Keep us posted. Your followers are growing. I'm trying to spread the news so you can have even more...It should serve as some sort of motivation. I see you're rocking the necklace I gave you!!