Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2 June 6th 2009: South TN Border to Lula, Mississipi

I had the wierdest dreams last night. Gabrielle Union was on Top Chef and I met her at a party where she was diggin me. She told me she learned to cook on an aircraft carrier.
I left today at about 630 and entered Mississipi before 7. The road was smooth and empty. Even though 61 is a US highway I had it to myself.

I got to the casinos, thinking it was Tunica, only to find out Tunica is actually 14 miles further south. So I stopped at a gas station for a little 1/2 hour break. When I was outside laying underneath a tree, eating the left over of my spanish rice a janitor who had earlier asked me where I was coming from starts heading over to. Benny, insisted on giving me a grape Gatorade, a big bag of Doritos and and a big package of chocolate chip cookies. Why would a poor man like him spend no less than $5 on a complete stranger? I remembered that the world is filled with good good people, we only focus on the bad ones. I left there at about 10 AM and skated to Tunica where I stopped at the museum.

I sat on a bench outside to just catch my breath, but before I got up to go in an old lady came up to me and asked my story. Her name was Ethyl. She gave me a tour of the museum and when I got done, she told a man about my trip, and he said "Im all for it" Cool dude. She left me with him so we conversated. He gave me the best talk I had so far.
Richard was the curator, director and founder of Tunica museum. He was a Vietnam vet who did tactical airlift for the Air Force. He told me "not to quit, because a person is the sum of all their experiences". After the talk he asked me if I wanted to take a corner and sleep so I did for 1/2 hour. When I was about to leave he asked me to stay or to at least let him buy me lunch. I thanked him but said I had 20 more miles to cover.

Going through Tunica was easy but then headwind started to pick up and it made things so difficult. I had to stop for a break every 2 miles. I was losing hope until I saw a sign that said "See the light!, 12 miles to Lula" Ok not bad. The wind intesified and I became exhausted. I lost my willpower even though I was telling myself Im going to get to Lula. I threw all my shit to the side and collapsed down. Fuck it, Ill get a ride. A car pulled up and asked if I need a ride but for some reason I said no. I want to do this. I skated some more, then lost all hope. I ran out of water. I tried to get a car to give me a ride, but nobody would stop. I had to get to Lula, to get water. Before I knew it, there was a sign that said "Lula on right" down a sketchy little road.

Lula reminds me of Ghana, not because it was filled with poor black farmers but everybody came running out of their houses to ask what I was doing. I was a complete alien, just like the obruni i was in Ghana. Everyone was so friendly and chilling outside their houses. Everybody knew everybody. One kid asked me if I needed money, so he went to ask his mother for $20. They kept bringing me water and I ended up with 6 bottles. I went to the local park where all the kids gathered. I played a game of Uno with them but I was so exhausted. I had to go to sleep. I covered more than 40 miles. Their noise didn't keep me awake, it brought me comfort


  1. Good luck man, I hope you can make it. Have you thought about getting one of those flashing lights cyclists use for night riding? Staying out of the heat might help you cover more miles. Safe Journey.

  2. Hey man I saw you on a honda-tech post, I wanna wish you luck and a safe journey. I hope you thought of everything, but parts of your journey worry me specifically west texas into new mexico and arizona. You may want to think about modifying your ride schedule so that you do the majority of your ride in the very early morning and can take the hot part of the day off. Start at like 4am and chill out by noon. Those first two weeks will be killer but you will find your stride and get into the swing of things.

  3. This is so epic. Good luck!

  4. Guys, I have it all, thanks for asking.
    TTM: The parts you are most worried about are the parts Im most excited about. I can take the heat, my body was evolved from the desert. I cant WAIT to get to Arizona. More updates later
    Thanks for the love and support,