Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 13 June 17 2009, Prescott to Hope (16 mi)

Again I'm ahead of schedule. A host has agreed to have me in Texarkana and seems like a really cool dude. The only thing, is that I told him I would be there on Friday, its only Wednesday. I can get one more day but two wouldn't be cool. So I decided to into Hope early to check it out and relax before the final Arkansas push tomorrow.

The day was easy. Again, freedom. Empty smooth roads. I was still rollin although my wheel was still missing a chunk. I blasted my music, and rolled own the hills slowly carving. "No Woman, No Cry came on and I couldn't help but sing as loud as I could help but sing it as loud as I could in the emptiness. It brought back good memories and goosebumps. Ah man, the last time I heard that song was two weeks, before leaving for Ghana. A local band reggae band, Soulshot, was playing at the Ocean Mist that night and they closed up with that song. I was with three of my closest friends.

Then Barry White's "My First, My Last, My Everything". It put a giant smile on my face and I looked up to the sky and said "Oh Barry White we miss you man, I hope you are lookin down on me and seeing the happiness your music brings to my soul. Rest in peace forever, brother." As soon as the song ended my ipod battery died. Oh well thats why I have my Solio. After 2 hours of skating I got to hope at 910. This was the birthplace of Bill Clinton, so I decided to check it out and went to the visitor center.

Hope is an unimpressive little town. I don't know how a US president could have grown up there. And so did Mike Huckabee. I walked around and after I saw everything there was to see, including Bill Clinton's first home. I decided to find a cheap motel, since I really had to take a dump and didn't feel like digging a cathole today. So I looked until I came across a Super 8 motel. I went inside and while I was booking a room the manager came came and asked my story. When she found out I was skateboarding she was so excited since her 7 year old grandson was a 7 year skater. "Oh he is going to be so happy when I fell him about you" Then she gave me a special discount. Thanks so much to the ladies at Hope Super 8 motel, they were all wonderful ladies who only put Fox News on TV ;). Today is rest. I can't complain. Love, Peace and repect.

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  1. Just got done catching up with your story. Good stuff man! Good luck with your journey, stay strong!