Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 14 June 18 2009, Hope to Texarkana (33 mi)

My camera is being really fucking stupid. First it gives an error 99 every four pictures and now it won't upload my pictures onto the computer. I hope its not a serious issue, because that would really piss me off.

Anyway it wasn't the easiest day but it wasn't the hardest of days. I left the motel later than usual, 830 after a heavy breakfast made up of a fresh waffle the size of my plate (righteous), raisin bran cereal, a danish, a donut and some orange juice. Since my motel was off the interstate I had to go back to highway 67 through heavy construction on a connecting road. As I was going down it, the sheriff coming the opposite direction saw me and stopped me. With a stern look on his face and pointing at my board "You better get that thing off the road" as if I had brought a new alien invention on to earth. Its called a skateboard and Im travelling asshole. Before I had a chance to say anything he drove off. I was pissed. When he drove off, I continued and at 9 I was on 67. 8 miles to a town called Fulton. At 1030 I got there, not bad timing for wind that has been blowing from the s/sw at 5 to 10mph for the past four days. I stopped into a trucker gas station and I got the dirtiest looks. There was a woman working alone inside and two truckers outside. As soon as I walked in, the both walked in after me to see what I was up to and to protect the lady incase I tried to steal, kill or rape her although I left all my shit outside. When I asked the woman where I could refill my water one of the truckers jumped in and said "Right there, outside". Cool. I paid for my Mountain Dew and went outside. I decided to rest until 11 but the whole time I was being watched through the big glass window. It was time to go. I passed farms, farms and farm. Cow farms, corn farms, chicken farms (which stunk like ass), and hay farms (if thats what they are even called). When I saw the hay I decided to stop and check out how they are rolled into big rolls like that.

If you are interested you can keep reading, if not, I understand. But what happens is that there are two tractors each pulling a different machine. The first one is pulling blades that chop the tall grass in smaller pieces and the other machine oon the other tractor ate it up. When the machine was full it spit the big roll out. Thats how simple it was, but I wonder how they did it back in the day.

Time to move and so I did. The heat was kicking in and it was past noon. I ran out of water quick, but still 18 miles to go. Then like that a trucker coming the opposite direction honks his horn, hangs his hand and tosses me a cold Lipton citrus green tea. Oh what a booster it was after chugging it in one sip. Thank you brotha!! I got to Texarkana at 145 and as I was checking out downtown I came across a Circa sticker and I could smell something was good nearby. Then behold, right next to it was the Darkslide skateshop. Fuck yeah, so I went inside. At first they thought I was a homeless bum and tried to kick me out, but when they found out the story behind the bum all the kids came an listened. Inside was the park and they let me pump around for a little for free. My man Hunter and Aamon, thank you dudes. I skated, waiting on my host, Nathan to get out of work. The shop was pretty sweet. Even though it offered minimal products and all kids hung out there, and it was owned by a mom, she defnitely hooked it up. To the left was Fuel TV and two comfortable ass couches. There was also a bar area, which didn't serve alcohol because the skateshop was on the Texas side and the Texas side of Texarkana was dry. Through a little door was the skatepark. Wooden ramps and nice little bowl. On the left was a door that led to another smaller park and a stage that bands play on every once in a while. Hell yeah, except for the alcohol, I think every skateshop should be set up this way. At 430 Nathan called and came and picked me up. As I was putting my shit in the back of his Honda Pilot I saw an Arbor longboard and another shorter longboard by a smaller company and his trickdeck. FUCK YEAHH! I knew it was going to be a good three days in Texarkana.
Later he called his coworker Aaron, from Maine, representing New England in the south baby, and we longboarded until dark down one of the steep hills of Texarkana. Man my legs were beat, but it was a sweet session.
Hellz Yeah!


  1. Omar! So glad to hear you are doing awesome things in the U.S... We are still missing you a ton here in Ghana and I think about you often. I am at the internet for the first time in like a month and I just spent a long time reading your blog, it's great. I just gave a shoutout post on my blog so that my friends can see what you are up to as well. I will be in VT Dec. 18 - Jan. 18 and may be doing some traveling/concerts to visit some friends... I'll check to see where in the world you are and maybe we can meet up. Have fun out there, bro.

  2. adam luck my main fucking man, i miss you like a motherfucker. how'd you find out about the trip man? i hope everything is awesome in the upper west. i may be home when you are but im not counting on it. be safe brada and send my love out to everybody

  3. your the fucking man, keep it up bro! hope you doing well right now, keep the updates comming, i keep checking for your updates!

  4. For the error 99, try removing the lens and making sure it looks clean. then make sure the lens gets put back on the camera in a very snuff and firm way.

  5. just checking in to see how you're doing. enjoyed your visit. stay in touch.