Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 days in Texarkana

I was more impressed with this place than I thought I would be. On Friday I hit up the skateshop in the AM. Igot back and rested then played a drinking game before going to Fat Jacks. Nathan's crew consists of some really good people, all chemical engineers, non locals, working at paper mills. My favorite was Aaron, maybe because he had a miniramp that he built, maybe because he skated or maybe because he was a New Englander. I have no idea how all these people ended up here, but there is no doubt they make it cooler.

Saturday was a full day. Frisbee golf in the am, then a work dinner for the people of Nathans company. I was scared being around all these old southern white people, to be honest. What would they think of this punk looking brown man. Especially when they found out he was an Egyptian, so I just kept my distance, watched from afar and stayed cool. Those were of course my prejudices because when I got to meet a couple of them, they were really really nice people and the mill manager actaully teamed up with with me, Nate and Aaron for a couple of games of shuffle board, although me and Aaron got our asses whooped twice. After eating some catfish, we took a tour of the mill and I discovered how paper was made. I took some pictures but some of the employees got pissed because it is a 'secret process' so I won't upload any of those pictures. It turned out to be an elaborate, expensive and I was impressed. Then we went to guy named Joel's house who is another awesome guy for a couple of games of beer pong. I totally lost the skill because I didn't last. At Joel's house I also became familiar with the graffiti of Banksy. I recommend everybody to check his work out ( Its political and very clever.

Sunday was a day of rest. Tomorrow is Texas. I know how hard Texas is going to be especially the Western part. Long, very fucking long, dry, hot and dead. If I can get through Texas I can make it to the end. It will require patience, dedication and lots and lots of strength.

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