Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 3 June 7 2009 Lula, Mississipi to Helena, AR

Today was rough. I only covered about 13 miles. I was exhausted from yesterday. US-49 to Mississpi consisted of concrete slabs that were all laid out flat. Hit one, not paying attention, and you fly forward. It happened once, luckily the road was empty. I crossed over the bridge which was too tight, too steep and too crowded to skate so I ended up walking. By the time I got to the Welcome center 4 miles outside of Helena I was beat for the day. I chilled there for an hour talking to Pam. She was an older lady whose husband died a few years ago and she spoke to me about her struggles afterwards and then her personal battle wih cancer. She told me about a man who survived 7 surgeries.

"How do you do it?"

"The will to survive and keep going," she said "For me it was wanting to see my grandchildren, you have faith in the Lord, and thank Him for making it through everyday and pray you make one more"

I took inspiration in these words. If it weren't for all the wisdom I have been getting, I really don't know how I could keep going. I have faith in God and ask his help everyday, to give me the strength and I have made it this far.

I left the welcome center, skated 4 miles north and got to Helena where I treated myself with a nice hot shower, a foot long turkey sub, spicy Mcchicken, small fries and 5 chicken strips. Fuck yeah, I was hungry. And I took a shit in a toilet too, that was nice. The awesome thing about Arkansas, is every gas stations I have stopped in has fried chicken and its really good. Tomorrow I plan on covering at least 30 miles to US-79. May God give me strenbgth, physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually.


  1. Hey man, this is an awesome thing you're doin' here. Good luck to you! One suggestion...could you add a map to your website and plot all these places that you've been to?

  2. yes! i plan on doing that. i also plan on adding the playlist that has been getting me through it all!