Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Rock

Little Rock was a good time and just like departing any city it was hard, but thats on another post. My second day there I woke up called Eureka and asked them to replace my frame pole. They said it would arrive on Saturday. I had to pay $24 for overnight shipping though. Tried to find a host in Texarkana but still no luck.

I skated over to the KFC on Broadway where I ate at the friendliest KFC I have ever been to in my life. All the employees seemed to love their jobs and all the customers were happy to eat there too. When my Twister took 5 minutes extra to cook I was offered a free appli pie and when I said it was ok, she gave me my snacker and some wedges too. When I left I decided to check out the Little Rock skatepark which was actually in North Little Rock across the bridge. As I was going down broadway I spotted a truck in distress with three guys trying to push it up the sidewalk. So I decided to go and help out. I pushed with everything I had in me stretching my left calf muscle to the fullest. Then I heard it pop and I couldnt walk on it or stretch it. I continued to puch the car and tried to walk it off. When I started kicking, I felt a pull every kick and it killed, but I still wanted to check out the skatepark. Over the bridge, and down a windy little street there was the skatepark. All concrete and the bowl was at least 8 feet at the deepest end, oververt. Righteous. I never expected in Little Rock. The local kids were rpresenting hard too and I was impressed

Later that day I left Eric's house and stayed with a French girl named Sophie in some apartments. I went to the wrong ones and she sent one of her friends to pick me up on the bridge since here car wasn't running. Vincent was a cool motherfucker. His funny French accent and outlook on life especially how perfect he thought America was cracked me up. I told him many times he could be a movie star or a character could be based on him. When we got to the apartments good food was cooking. Pasta with sour cream and bacon. Fucking delicious. And thats how the French always do it. None of this fast food bullshit. Good food, good friends and good wine. They were all cool down to earth engineers and it was a pleasure to kick it with them.

The next day I just realxed by the pool and so it was. Relax by the pool in the day and eat some more good food and drink some more good wine at night. Just what I needed. Little Rock was awesome but it was time to depart the next day and I never got my tent poles.

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  1. I am very glad you had a good experience in Little Rock :)