Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 10 June 14th 2009, Riverfront Dr, Little Rock to Benton (29.2mi)

Waking up and making myself leave today was so hard. I woke up at 930 after partying with some wine last night. I couldn't even party because I was thinking about my journey. After getting up I had a deep meditation session to find out if I should leave or not. On one hand I felt pissed. It was rainy outside, I didn't have my tent pole and I hadn't ask Sophie to stay for another night to wait for the pole and better weather. On the other hand I planned on a leaving day and had to stick to it no matter what. After meditating and searching for the energy in me I googled my route out of Little Rock. Whether I was going to leave that day or not I still had to know the route. After the search I got up and felt extremly positive for some reason. There was even some light poppin out of the clouds. I struck a good compromise; wait for the aprtement office to open at 1PM and hope my package was there. If it did, great, if not it was time to go. Im sure Sophie would have let me stay an extra day but asking her last minute was not cool in my book, especially that here boyfriend had just arrived from France the day before. When 1 came around I went to the office and didn't find my package. Fuck. I hoped my tent would hold up for just a couple more days. It started to drizzle again. I hugged Sophie goodbye and left on the wet streets and humid sticky air. It was at least 94 degrees outside and with the humidity, my body couldn't wait to sweat. Even my water bottle which was in the freezer immediatly started to feel considerably warmer.

I wasn't happy and couldn't concentrate. I took a couple of falls on the slick ass street. I just wasn't feeling it. The calf muscle wasn't cooperating either and I bought too much food in Little Rock and bag was weiging me down and the back was already giving me pains. But I left and had to keep moving. To Benton, I had to make it. Leaving cities sucks. Too much traffic, tight roads, steep hills. All these factors forced me to walk, especially with the wet roads, I couldnt risk going too fast and hitting a car or busting my ass. When I finally got out of Little Rock via AR-5 I was happy but found my watch had broken off during one of my falls. I was really beginning to feel the pain even though I had been relaxing by the pool for the last two days, this wasn't how it should be. The mental effect was beginning to drain, but I had to control the mind. I saw little funny sign that said to believe in yourself. I stopped in a WalMart in Bryant, the town right before Benton, and got myself the same $7 watch I had and a 6 inch sub from Subway to raise my spirits.

It took forever to get to Benton, which wasn't my intended final destination anyway. People in cities, at least bigger ones, get so pissed when Im on the road even though Im skating the breakdown lane. So many people honked their horns from far away. "Get off the roaaad!!"

I wasn't even on the road assholes, you are just too scared to drive past me. I hate cars on the road as much as they hate me. I finally got to Benton then got lost trying to find a way out. It was getting dark and I had to find a place to camp. So I settled at the UALR campusbehind the football field underneath a big tree. The tent took a while to set up and didn't work as good as it did. But it still got the job done. Then as I was laying in it the back pole snapped too. Im going to fuck Eureka up tomorrow and will probably shop for a new tent in Texarkana. For now I had to find a safe way to get back on 67.

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  1. Hey Omar, it was nice talking to you the other day in the pool party. I wish I had more time to interact!